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How to use Moda Barcode Reader Activex in delphi
Nowadays Borland delphi is also a main stream program language, and many programmer use it.

Moda Barcode Reader ActiveX is easy to be imported into delphi as an ActiveX, now we show you steps of doing it.

1. Create a new delphi project.

2. Import Moda Barcode Reader ActiveX into the project.
       1> In order to import an activex control to your project, first you need click Component>Import ActiveX Control
       2> Then select the ModaBarcodeReaderX 1.0 Type Library item and click Create Unit button
       3> Swtich tab to ActiveX and drag the ModaBarcodeReader item to your form

3. Now you can add a button to your form, then double click it to edit. Please Add follow code in it:

4. All is OK, you can compile your project and run it, it will recognize the qr.jpg image file in your application file path and popup the result.