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How to use Moda barcode reader ActiveX
Moda barcode reader ActiveX is a ATL-base COM component developed by microsoft visual c++ 2008. As a ActiveX control it can be used in all of mainstream program language. You can call it as follow:

1. Import Moda barcode reader ActiveX to your program, current IDE all can do it easily. Please ensure that the compile is successful.

2. Now you need a function that your program can open or import an image which include barcode.

3. Before identification barcode, you need to set the type of read the bar code.Moda barcode reader ActiveX supports code128, the code39, I25, UPC, UPCAddOn CodaBar dimensional code and DataMatrix, QR 2-dimensional code.The following code set to identify DataMatrix code and identify code128 code:

                          ReadDataMatrix = true
                          ReadCode128 = false

4. In order to identify the pictures inside of the bar code, you need to call ReadBarcodes method and its prototype is as follows:

                          void ReadBarcodes (string FilePath)

You can call it like this:

                          ReadBarcodes ("d: \ images \ barcode.jpg")

5. Identify complete GetCount method to obtain identification barcode number.And then through an iterative manner to obtain the detailed information of each barcode recognition result.

                          string GetBarcodeType (int index)

This function returns the index the index barcode type information, such as "code 128", the barcode type information identified string type.

                          string GetBarcodeValue (int index)

This function is used to extract the index Index barcode recognition result.