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How to use Image2PDF activex in visual
It is very easy to integrate image2pdf activex control to your vb project.

1. Start your vs IDE, here we use vs2008:

2. Create a new project named Image2PDFVBNetDemo:

3. Modify the Form name from 'Form1' to 'Image2PDF Demo':

4. Click the right mouse button on the toolbox panel and select 'Choose Items...' menu item click:

5. Select 'COM Components' tab item and check 'Img2PDF Class' item click 'OK':

6. Now 'Img2PDF Class' item has been added on to toolbox:

7. Click 'Img2PDF Class' item and drag it on the form and resize it:

8. Now save all and build the project and run it, start to enjoy your effort: